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I'm a psychotherapist in Seattle, a fat-positive queer femme, a partner of a trans* man, a social justice junkie, and a believer in the power of connection to heal us all.

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Blog Series One: Vulnerability

Welcome to my blog! When thinking of how to get this going, I struggled with what to write about first. There are so many things I am passionate about. But, inspiration struck when I saw a video by Tatia PIlieva which showed couples, meeting for the first time, being asked to kiss in front of the camera. What followed was sweet and awkward and beautiful, and really vulnerable. In recent years, there has been more public discussion about the strength in vulnerability. There are great thinkers, mentors of mine, who talk a great deal about vulnerability, and in this series I will post some of my favorites of these ideas.

Vulnerability is what makes therapy work... what makes it really great. When a client trusts a counselor and is able to be vulnerable with them, that is when great change can happen. Sometimes it is the first time a client has felt safe enough to share parts of themselves they felt were too scary, too awful, too weird, to share with anyone else. Those times make me, as a counselor, feel proud of the risks my clients take, and in awe of how sharing something can be so healing. I talk with my clients often about connection, and how we, as humans, crave connection with others. True connection only happens when we can take the risk to be vulnerable.

I will revisit vulnerability in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy "First Kiss", a video showing the loveliness of 20 strangers kissing for the first time:

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