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I'm a psychotherapist in Seattle, a fat-positive queer femme, a partner of a trans* man, a social justice junkie, and a believer in the power of connection to heal us all.

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It's been a while since my last blog post. And this time I come to you with a couple of announcements!

1. I'm moving my office! I will still be in Capitol Hill, but up on 12th Avenue in the Capitol Hill Health Building. I'm doing this so I don't have to split my days between two offices, as I did in my old space, and so that I can add another day to my practice. Starting August 1st, my days in office will be Wednesday - Saturday.

The new office is, unfortunately, not accessible to those who cannot climb stairs. There are steps up to the building, and then steps up to the 2nd floor, where my office is located. There are other options for those unable to climb stairs, which leads me to the next announcement.

2. I have begun to offer counseling via online sessions (using the HIPAA-compliant Thera-link website), or meeting clients in their home or other preferred location, if they are unable come to my office either because of distance or disability.

I prefer to meet clients face-to-face. It's better for building our therapeutic relationship and creating safety. But sometimes, people cannot make it into the office.

Sometimes, people are stuck in small communities far away from Seattle, but can't find counselors who understand their queer or trans identity within reasonable driving distance. Sometimes, people aren't able to climb stairs, or don't have the energy or ability to come into the office for every session. I want to be able to provide care for those who need it. So, if this is you, please enquire about distance couseling or off-site counseling, and we can discuss it on a case-by-case basis.

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